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Prohibition's New Era: Expanding to Base, Beyond Gen Art, and Launching MOONSHINE

Setting the Stage for Ecosystem Innovation: Fun, Social NFT Experiences


  • We're coming to Base: Prohibition extends its cross-chain footprint bringing great art and vibrant community engagement to the Base ecosystem.

  • Expanding beyond generative art: We'll now embrace a variety of digital art forms and formats.

  • Introducing MOONSHINE: today we're launching a points and rewards program designed to support artists, engage collectors, and pioneer innovative monetization strategies.

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The Story So Far

Since its launch last year, Prohibition has been a leader in generative art on L2, delivering exceptional art through innovative tools to a vibrant community. As the NFT market evolves, so too must our strategies to support creators. With artist royalties diminishing, we are prompted to explore new monetization methods that mirror the broader crypto movement's shift from speculative gains to sustainable creator support.

In response, Prohibition is building a platform designed to experiment with innovative strategies for artist monetization. These initiatives will enable artists to directly engage with their audience, cultivating communities that support artists in more interactive and rewarding ways.

Prohibition is Coming to Base

Prohibition is taking a significant step forward. We are excited to announce that Prohibition is expanding to the Base blockchain, embracing a the ecosystem to enhance our platform’s reach and capabilities. This move not only aligns with our vision to innovate within the art market but also ensures that we continue to provide our community with the best tools and opportunities.

In addition to our expansion, we are officially planting our flag on Farcaster. This move will cultivate deeper community interactions and foster real-time engagements. Together, these strategic advances position Prohibition at the forefront of the evolving digital and artistic landscapes, ensuring our community remains connected and engaged.

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Expanding Beyond Generative Art

Prohibition has lead the push for open generative art, especially as it comes to L2. And our commitment to generative art and creative coding remains unwavering. However, we are broadening our horizons to encompass a wider range of digital art forms, designed to attract a diverse audience and cater to evolving interests and technological advancements in the art world.

By incorporating varied art forms and media we aim to enrich the Prohibition experience. This diversification not only offers artists innovative avenues for expression but also provides collectors with new and exciting ways to engage with digital art. Our commitment to generative art will continue to be a focus, ensuring that artists of all skill sets have a place to succeed and innovate. Our dedication to this expansion reflects our commitment to leading the edge of artistic innovation and community building.

MOONSHINE: A New Community Rewards Program

At Prohibition, we're not just about pioneering new ways to support art; we're about creating an immersive experience. This is why we're excited to unveil MOONSHINE, a community rewards program that is as unique as it is engaging. MOONSHINE isn't just a points program; it's a narrative-driven adventure designed to support artists, engage collectors, and pioneer innovative monetization strategies.

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What is MOONSHINE? MOONSHINE invites you into "The Moonshine Syndicate," a covert network birthed in the shadows where creativity itself is outlawed. As participants earn points and unlock rewards, they also play a role in a larger story of defiance and creativity. Each interaction not only contributes to personal rewards but also advances this narrative, making each participant a key player in the unfolding story.

How It Works:

  • Earn Points: Engage in activities that not only enrich your experience but also help circulate the MOONSHINE—each action helps defy the creative ban.

  • Unlock Rewards: Redeem your points for exclusive content and experiences that are woven into the fabric of The Moonshine Syndicate's story.

  • Build the Story: Your participation helps shape the evolving narrative, adding layers to the community lore and your place within it.

Why MOONSHINE? Launching MOONSHINE aligns with our strategy to transcend traditional NFT sales and royalties, creating a dynamic platform where community support and engagement drive innovative ways to monetize art. This program is designed to be fun and engaging, encouraging continuous interaction through a gamified environment and a shared narrative.

Looking Forward: As MOONSHINE develops, we plan to introduce more complex features such as tiered rewards, special quests, and community challenges that align with our vision of a fully integrated, interactive art community. Our goal is to make MOONSHINE a cornerstone of the NFT ecosystem.

In Conclusion

As Prohibition embarks on this exciting new chapter—expanding to Base, embracing a broader spectrum of digital art, and launching the MOONSHINE rewards program—we are more committed than ever to innovation. These initiatives are just the beginning of our journey to redefine the current NFT experience. We invite you to join us in this revolution, not just as participants but as co-creators of a thriving ecosystem.

Ready to join The Moonshine Syndicate? Start your mission at our MOONSHINE site, dive into the Rewards Program, and connect with fellow members on Farcaster to enrich your journey. Be part of a community that celebrates creativity and drives the art world forward in fun and innovative ways.

Let's build!

Jordan Lyall
Founder, Prohibition
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