Introducing Skylab 🛰

Skylab is a curated community for those building web3’s potential


  • We’re starting a club for web3 founders and funders.

  • It’s not an alpha group. Members help each other build, grow, and scale.

  • You can indicate interest in joining by submitting this form.

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We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. - John F Kennedy

🛰 Introducing Skylab

We’re witnessing a profound transformation as we shift from web2 to web3. Everyone from entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and investors are now forced to think about the value their product delivers to the user.

A batch of new talented builders are charging hard to build the next great web3 product, platform, or community. The recent updates in infrastructure (L2s, DAOs, PoS, etc) are ready to support the next phase of growth.

However starting something new in web3 is not easy.

  • How do you insure your smart contracts don’t get exploited?

  • How do you avoid legal difficulties in structuring your entity?

  • How do you raise funds from the top investors?

  • How do you recruit the best talent?

  • How do you sustain a thriving community?

To answer these questions we are coming together to form a small group of founders and funders innovating in web3 sharing, learning, and building together.

🛰 What is Skylab?

Skylab is not an alpha group. We won’t be grinding it out for WL spots. At its simplest, Skylab is the coming together of people who share a common purpose, where each person is committed to helping others in the group reach that common purpose through brainstorming, accountability, support, education, and sharing of knowledge and resources.

Member benefits includes:

  • Access to group Discord

  • Weekly calls, demos, and guest speakers

  • Support from some of the top builders/investors in the space

  • Resources (SAFE docs, contract templates, tools, etc.)

  • And more

🛰 Continue the journey

We’ll start small. We’ll iterate and grow with our community. We’ll learn from those that have gone before. We’ll assemble a diverse group of people building together in public.

Skylab is being organized by Jordan Lyall (Nifty’s, $MEME, ConsenSys), a veteran builder in web2 and web3.

🛰 🛰 🛰

We’re now curating the initial cohort of Skylab. Please indicate your interest by filling out this form.

Skylab 001 Application

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