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Dive into Prohibition Daily: New Drops, Subscriptions, and More

Prohibition Daily is off to a strong start! We're excited to share some of the early successes and upcoming features that make Prohibition Daily a unique destination for NFT collectors.

The First Three

  • Amber Vittoria: "Everywhere You See" set the tone for what's to come. View on OpenSea

  • Rick Crane: "Syntropy" follows up with Rick’s captivating release. View on OpenSea

  • jvmi: The Swatches creator's free mint continues to engage collectors. View on OpenSea

Full Week Slated

We have an exciting lineup for the rest of the week. Here’s what to look forward to:
- Tuesday: "Prohibited Bunny" by Slander
- Wednesday: My Red Period by theMikeElf
- Thursday: Every Thought is Taken By You by KEI
- Friday: [tba] by yungwknd


  • Hypersub Subscription: Subscribe to receive every Prohibition Daily NFT directly to your wallet and enjoy exclusive benefits. Subscribe here

  • Daily Email Alerts: Stay informed with our daily drop alerts. Sign up here

  • Artist Sign-Up Form: We're booking for the end of June and beyond. Submit your interest here

  • Gallery: Explore all our drops in one place. View the gallery

  • Floor App: Mint Prohibition Daily drops directly within the Floor mobile app. Install Floor

  • Dune Dashboard: Track each drop and full set holdings with our Dune dashboard. View the dashboard

  • Minting Rewards: We periodically offer rewards for minting. For instance, the top minter of Amber's open edition received 25,000 $DEGEN tokens, and the top minter of Rick's drop got a brand new 1/1 NFT from Rick. Stay tuned for more minting rewards.

As we move in to June with Prohibition Daily, our commitment to delivering fun and accessible art experiences only grows stronger. If you have ideas, questions, or potential collaborations in mind, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Farcaster.

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