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Announcing Prohibition Daily: Fun, Affordable NFTs Minting Every Day on Base

In collaboration with Decent, fresh daily NFT drops and social experiences, starting with Amber Vittoria

Live now:


  • New Platform: Prohibition Daily offers NFT mints every weekday

  • When: Beginning Thursday, May 23rd at noon ET (9 AM PT / 4 PM UTC)

  • First Artist: Amber Vittoria with a 24-hour open edition mint for $3

  • Features: fun, affordable mints, social experiences, and rewards

  • Minting: On Base, with in-frame minting on Farcaster

  • Partnership: Joint initiative with Decent, experts at cross-chain minting


We're thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Prohibition Daily. Developed in collaboration with our friends at Decent, Prohibition Daily is all about making NFTs fun, social, and affordable. This new product complements our existing Prohibition platform, which has been a hub for onchain generative art. Guided by our vision of "art for all," Prohibition Daily aims to make digital art accessible to everyone, bringing fresh daily drops, engaging social experiences, and exciting rewards to our community.

Everywhere You See by Amber Vittoria
24hr OE, Thursday @ Noon ET, $3 on Base

How It Works

Prohibition Daily features fresh NFT drops every weekday at noon ET, offering a unique and engaging way to collect art. The platform showcases a diverse mix of artists, including:

  • Established names in the NFT space

  • Up-and-coming talents on the rise

  • Newcomers releasing work for the first time

Expect a variety of content, from serious art to playful memes, ensuring that every day brings something fun to mint. Whether it's an open edition or a limited run, there's always something exciting to discover, so make sure to check back daily.

Meet Our First Artists

  • Amber Vittoria: Kicking off with a 24-hour open edition mint for $3 on Thursday, May 23.

  • Rick Crane: Launching edition at noon ET on Friday, May 24.

  • jvmi: Free mint from the creator of Swatches coming on Monday, May 27th

Stay tuned as we announce future artists!

Engagement and Rewards

At Prohibition Daily, we believe in making the NFT experience fun and engaging, with everything optimized for mobile to ensure seamless access. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Gamified Experiences: Participate in daily drops and earn points for minting. Compete on leaderboards and win rewards for being a top participant.

  • Social Minting: Mint directly within Farcaster frames, making it easy to share and engage with your community. See what your friends have minted and who is the most active.

  • Variety of Rewards: Enjoy exclusive NFTs and special perks, adding an extra layer of excitement to your daily minting experience.

Call to Action

We’re excited to bring Prohibition Daily to the community and invite artists to be part of this journey. If you're an artist interested in participating, fill out our artist submission form to get started.

Stay updated with all our latest drops and announcements:

Mark your calendars for Amber Vittoria's drop this Thursday, May 23rd, at noon ET, and get ready for a new, fun minting experience every weekday!


With Prohibition Daily, our mission is to make digital art accessible to all. We aim to be a platform where everyone can participate, enjoy, and collect NFTs. Our partnership with Decent enhances our ability to offer a seamless and engaging experience, ensuring that Prohibition Daily becomes a vibrant addition to the rich ecosystem of the existing Prohibition platform. Join us in this exciting journey, and stay tuned for more artist announcements!

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